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Why Security Candy?

Glad you asked!

I have a surplus of enthusiasm for cybersecurity to give away like candy.

Well… figurative knowledge candy that is safe to take from a strange woman like me.

See, hackers have a bad rap, but 95% of the hackers I hang out with are white hats and hack to find and fix problems before actual bad guys exploit them.

Many of us hack professionally, some do it for education, and a few find and report vulnerabilities just for funzies and bragging rights.

The world desperately needs more white hat hackers.

Okay, so what is Security Candy?

Security Candy is me, and I'm a total hacker chick/hype girl!

I wanna get paid to find security problems to solve, figure out solutions, and help more people understand the solutions.

I also want to travel around, visiting schools to make kids love cybersecurity as much as I do.

They'll be like, "When I grow up, I wanna be a rock star! No wait, a dinosaur! Nah, I wanna be a White Hat Hacker!"

I'll teach them some stuff too, but if at least one kid decides to pursue a cybersecurity career after I've visited a classroom, I'll give myself the biggest of high-fives.