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Wrench or Hammer

Hacker IRL

Trinity. Lisbeth. Acid Burn. Nomi. Mac. Felicity. Darlene. Whiterose.

Ever since I dragged a mattress against a wall and tried to run across it, Matrix-style, I've wanted to grow up to be a hacker.

Wrench or Hammer

Tweak or Hammer

Hammering a point home can raise awareness, but the point that some women have felt uncomfortable at DEF CON is being made to death.


This Feminist's DEF CON 24

Yes, there were still strippers at Hacker Jeopardy. No, I'm not upset about anything I saw at DEF CON this year.

This is my favorite laptop, so I won't bring it to DEF CON

DEF CON 24 and Black Hat

My favorite annual gathering of brilliant (possibly eccentric) hackers, enthusiasts, and professionals is almost here!

Are you sure it's plugged in?

Dear Computer People,

Maybe you're an IT professional... maybe a programmer... maybe a cashier that just happens to be good at googling...

You are a source of answers, and you will get the same questions over and over again.

Mom, I think I broke the internet... Can we buy a new one?

Dear Parents,

I want to teach your kids how to hack, but it's a good thing!

Get yer mitts up

Self Defense

Self defense classes have taught me a lot more than brute force, so I'd like to share my favorite tips.

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Wanted to put me into my place? My place is nice

Dear Mr. Ex Bossman,

I write this letter, not to shame you, but because you have been one of the most influential people in my life, and I would not be as strong today if it weren't for you.

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