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Upside down hacking is best hacking

I'm completing a Masters in Information Security, and my goal is to make everyone love cybersecurity as much as I do!

Tangled cables cower before my wrath

I've been called a "cable nazi," but I prefer "cable fairy"

My hands are a heart

I've spent formative years as the "token woman" and had a blast, so I want to share my insight and help all men and women communicate better.

I do want to make the world a better place. (Too cheesy? It's okay, I said "cheese" for that graduation pic, so it fits)

I'm on top of a mountain even though the rain is tryin' to get me down

I have a pesky, unflinching faith in humanity

I'm enjoying this picture way more than the dogs

I take so many ironic selfies that I fear they have ceased to be ironic.

I'm explaining something, but can't remember what

I can't stand listening to problems unless I'm allowed to offer suggestions and brainstorm possible solutions. (brainstorming is my favorite)

I've found a really fun way to make the world a safer place, so I'm living the dream.