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Self Defense

Self defense classes have taught me a lot more than brute force, so I'd like to share my favorite tips.

Look at me looking at you

Make eye contact with everyone

When you feel vulnerable, you might shy away from eye contact, but attackers actually look for insecure body language like that when selecting a victim.

If you don't want to get into a staring contest, you can just do a quick nod, flash a smile, or even say, "Hi!"

Not only will you appear more confident, but you will also be more situationally aware by paying attention to everyone.

Bonus: You might just make someone's day a little brighter.

Puppy tussles are very different from real attacks

Don't hesitate to injure an attacker

Many people (especially women) are unwilling to harm others even in self-defense, but that reluctance makes it harder for them to escape.

If someone attacks you, they have forfeited the right to a fair fight, so go for the eyes... go for the knees... go for the soft stuff.

Bonus: You might make them think twice before attacking someone else, and there is nothing more lady-like or gentlemanly than protecting other people.

I have taught myself to walk as a raptor...

Think about what you would do if attacked

Should you...

  • Shriek?
  • Scratch?
  • Bite?
  • Pinch?
  • Punch?
  • Kick?
  • Retaliate in any of the countless other ways?

The number of options can be overwhelming, so even just thinking about how you'd respond to different attacks will enable you to act faster in bad situations.

Bonus: Knowing that you have a plan boosts self-confidence.

Maybe we should let someone with opposable thumbs drive

Get out of situations that make you uneasy

You're uncomfortable for a reason, so listen to your instincts.

Bonus: Leaving uncomfortable situations allows you to go do fun things instead... like riding in a car with your head out the window.

Let us know when you're out safe

Let people know when you travel alone

Technology has made this much easier with apps and wearables that can send your location to emergency contacts if triggered.

If you don't want to mess with apps, just let a friend know where you're going and that you'll send them a message once you get there.

Bonus: Sending messages when you're safe gives you another excuse to send fun stickers and pictures of dogs to your friends. (Unless that's just me)

Blankie is our favorite outfit

Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable

When you're comfortable, you project confidence which dissuades attackers, so if you feel best in a skimpy outfit with high heels, go for it!

Please just consider bringing backup flats and a jacket, so you can stay comfortable as the night goes on.

Bonus: Being comfortable feels great.

That's one confident dog...     

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