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Dear Parents,

I want to teach your kids how to hack, but it's a good thing!

Don't worry, I can explain...

Okay, if you boot this time... I'll buy you the most delicious stick of RAM

Hacking is basically just tinkering

With tangible objects, like desktop computers, there are often warning signs if something's wrong, like unexpected shutdowns or the fan making a weird noise...

So, you can pop it open, clean out the fan, and make sure everything's plugged in.

Cybersecurity rarely has warning signs like that, so it's crucial that White Hat (Ethical) Hackers poke around and find vulnerabilities before actual bad guys exploit them.

That's what hacking is all about-- figuring out what makes something tick and what needs a tune up.

Lesson one: Be very careful with the pointy end.

Learning how to hack does not make you more likely to break the law

Hacking tools can be dangerous if used improperly or with malicious intent, but so can kitchen knives, and we make sure to teach kids how to use those properly.

Also like knives, hacking tools are out there, so if someone already plans to do something bad, they can find a way.

We start kids out with simple concepts (more like butter knives), so that they can learn in a safe, constructive way.

For kids that want to progress to more advanced stuff, Capture the Flag competitions are a fun way to apply their skills and learn more.

Can we stop taking graduation pictures? I want to go drink from the toilet with my friends

There are a ton of great careers out there

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... The world desperately needs more White Hat Hackers.

Cybersecurity is everywhere now, so even other fields like Software Development and Project Management are looking for people that understand security.

And finally, helping our kids understand cybersecurity might just make the world a safer place.