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Dear Computer People,

Maybe you're an IT professional... maybe a programmer... maybe a cashier that just happens to be good at googling...

You are a source of answers, and you will get the same questions over and over again.

The IT Crowd says it best...

IT Crowd: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? 

Uh... okay, well, the button on the side, is it glowing? 

Yeah, you need to turn it on... 

Uh, the button turns it on... 

Yeah, you do know how a button works don't you? 

No, not on clothes.


Getting these questions can be annoying, and it's tempting to resort to snide responses like Let Me Google That For you, but our time is better spent streamlining the process.

Oh thank God... I thought that thing was broken


Moss and Roy set up an answering machine that automatically asks the most basic questions to fix a lot of problems, but you don't have to get that fancy.

Start a doc, and every time you get a question, write it down along with your solution.

Next time you get a repeat question, you have your answer handy, even if you have to tweak it for different conditions.

Sounds obvious, but it took years for me to get the idea.

Things are happening... ideas are coming


Even better, start adding your solutions to a troubleshooting forums!

If your issue has already been covered, just copy down that link for future reference, but if your solution is different, add it to the comments to give more options.

Not only will this help you track your own fixes, but you also might make some smart new friends.

Answering these questions is a labor of love, so embracing the challenge and being more efficient reduces the "labor" part of it.