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DEF CON 24 and Black Hat

My favorite annual gathering of brilliant (possibly eccentric) hackers, enthusiasts, and professionals is almost here!

Black Hat and DEF CON are back-to-back Cybersecurity/Hacking Conferences; while each are a bit different, they make a great week in Vegas together.

Stickers good, mystery usbs and charging stations bad

There is a lot to know...

The DEF CON and Black Hat sites have descriptions of the events, FAQs, and some general explanations of "Hacker Culture."

If you're considering going to either event for the first time, browse some recent survival guides for tips on how to avoid being hacked like "careful what you stick in your devices" and "don't connect to open wifi."

Vegas, baby!

...But don't let fear get in the way of fun

If anything, Hacker Conferences are an excuse to leave your smartphones, laptops, and tablets behind to meet people and explore!

Sure there are talks to see, but also contests, techie toys, and everything that Vegas has to offer.

DEF CON villages are worth checking out, so you can try cool stuff like lockpicking, social engineering, and hardware hacking.

There's no "right way" to choose your activities at these events, so don't worry if you miss a talk or need a little extra sleep.

It's a picture of me standing next to a picture of me

Say "hi" to me!

I'll be there in both poster and corporeal form, and since meeting new people is my favorite, I hope to see you there!